Signs & Info

What to look for

Many house hold items can be used for the chemicals and precursors required in manufacturing meth, so keep an eye out for large amount of full or empty containers. There could also be pink staining around toilets or drainage areas because for every 1KG of product, there’s 7KG of waste, most of which is dumped down drains.

There could possibly burn marks around the ceilings or floors, an ammonia smell around the property, or also fire pits and burning drums in the yard. Blacked out windows, dark coloured blinds/curtains or paper over windows can sometimes indicate someone has been using the property for a lab.

In both manufacturing and usage cases the occupant may refuse to provide access to the property. As many cooks are also users, aggression and violent outbursts usually result in damage to the property – so broken walls or doors could be another indication.

If the property has been used for smoking and not manufacturing then it can be a little harder to pin point. Meth vapour does not leave any visible indication or odour. Some signs to look for could be utensils such as meth pipes, syringes, and small plastic bags like what you would get a spare button for clothing in – some of these are clear, and others have small pictures or symbols printed on them. Also, a smell similar to cat urine could be present.