Whether it’s initial screening, detailed sampling or full remediation… we’ve got you covered.

Initial Meth Screening


The initial methamphetamine screening sampling is performed as a presence/absence indication. This service is often requested to provide a baseline report for rentals and can then be repeated between tenants. It involves multiple samples being taken throughout the dwelling including high profile areas such as the kitchen & bathroom. If this is presented with a clear result no further sampling is required and you will be provided with a screening report explaining the result.

Detailed Sampling Inspection (DSI)


Per room

This process is implemented if an initial screening sample reports that meth contamination is present within the property. This process involves separate samples being taken from each individual rooms of the property – this will indicate where the contamination resides and to what scale. You will be provided with a detailed sampling report which includes photos of sampling areas and a remediation action plan should one be required. Any sample that reports levels above 1.5μg/100sqcm will require decontamination.

Remediation Services


Contact us for a quote

Our team is certified to perform decontamination services should your property require remediation. Pricing and the scope of work involved will vary on a case by case basis. Contact our team to discuss any queries or concerns you may have or if you would like to request a quote.