Who should do a meth test?images-of-taking-sample

  • – Anyone purchasing a new property anywhere in Southland.
  • – Landlords, prior to new tenants moving in.
  • – Landlords when tenants are reporting un-resolving illness
  • – When recommended by Police E.g. after house has been raided.
  • – Motel owners
  • – Tenants experiencing un-resolving health issues

Properties used for Labs vs Users

The Ministry of Health uses the term clandestine lab, also known as clan lab, meth lab or ‘p’ Lab/house. A lab is generally used to manufacture enough meth to supply to our communities.
People often believe that a property that has only be smoked in is not of concern to our wellbeing, and that only labs produce enough toxic chemical for us to be at risk. A property is contaminated when meth has been manufactured in it – there’s no doubt about that. However a property can also be contaminated to a point that it needs professional remediation due to people smoking in meth in it.

A study done by National Jewish Medical and Research Centre in America used a motel room to replicate the smoking of meth in a property. They used equipment rather than people to smoke the meth and found it only took 4 smokes of methamphetamine to contaminate a standard motel room above what out ministry of health guidelines consider inhabitable (0.5ug/100cm2). meth-testing-kitsThey found that “The highest levels were found at the smoke generation area; however, the levels in the rest of the motel room were similar”. Once you take out of the equation that much of the vapour would be consumed by the person smoking it, in a real life scenario, it still showed that only 4 “smokes” showed a build-up of contaminants in the property.


Meth labs can be found anywhere, and range in size from industrial buildings, a kitchen in a rental property to even a shoe box in the boot of a car. No matter what size, a meth lab may produce very high readings of meth and precursors when sampled. It is important to note that the property of a user may also produce similarly high levels of meth and precursors when sampled.