Our Services

Initial Meth Screen Test – $199 + GST

The initial screening test is carried out to identify methamphetamine pollution at a property. This is where a sample is taken from 5-6 rooms throughout the house – including high profile areas. This has a 4-5 day turn around. If the results come back CLEAR then no further testing is needed. However, if methamphetamine is determined to be present then detailed sampling is required.

Detailed sampling – $129 + GST per Room

This process is implemented after an initial screen shows the presence of meth in a property. Each room is individually sampled and couriered overnight to an independent IANZ accredited laboratory in Hamilton, New Zealand leader with the highest accreditation for the processing of Meth Test samples. This also has a 4-5 day turn around. Any room that records a reading over 0.5ug, will require remediation.

Remediation Services – Pricing varies on a case by case basis

A decontamination service is required if any room has recorded over 0.5ug (NZ Guidelines). Prices will vary depending on level of contamination, location, and preparation work required. Our team are trained methamphetamine decontamination technicians.