NZ Guidelines

There is no standard in NZ yet to comply with when it comes to testing and decontaminating a property, we are however provided with guidelines written by the Ministry of Health.
The level of contamination of a property as noted in the NZ guidelines is 0.5ug/100cm2, which is interpreted as any sample result ABOVE this figure will require decontamination.

The guidelines state:
“In the absence of New Zealand human health guidelines or chronic low-level exposure limits, the ministry of health focused on reducing the potential exposure to a level that is as low as practicable and has looked to the experience and expertise of other jurisdictions with similar problems”.

These jurisdictions have been the USA and Australia. The guidelines only deal with residential dwellings, not vehicles, caravans or motorhomes. The guideline recommends that any vehicle has been used for manufacturing meth then it should be scrapped. Mostly due to the fact that the costs involved with remediating the vehicle would exceed the vehicles value.

A committee representing industry workers in New Zealand has been created and together, with many experts is currently working to develop a standard. This is anticipated to be released in AUGUST 2017